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Partners - value chain

To achieve the objectives of AENEAS, a consortium of 14 partners from 8 European countries, of which 2 widening countries are represented. The consortium is coordinated by Flanders Make. The partners have extended experience regarding the development of innovative solutions regarding sustainable waterborne transport. 

Flanders Make

Flanders Make


Flanders Make is the strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry. The roots of Flanders Make can be traced back to 2001 and to 2003 when respectively Flanders’ Drive and Flanders Mechatronics Technology Centre (FMTC) were established. Flanders Make is continuing the mission of Flanders’ Drive and FMTC as a bridge between the academic and industrial know-how in mechatronics, manufacturing and automotive sectors. From our sites all over Flanders, we stimulate open innovation through excellent research. As we bring together companies and research institutions, we help realise concrete product and production innovations in the vehicle industry, in complex electro-mechanical products and in production environments. Our expertise is focused around 4 key competences, namely (i) Decision, control, and autonomous driving, (ii) Design & Optimisation, (iii) High-performance and sustainable drivetrains, (iv) Flexible Assembly, all based on modelling and virtualisation.

Role in the project

  • Energy storage system and corresponding components simulation

  • Lead energy storage system design, simulation, and optimization

  • Lead functional testing and validation of the battery modules

  • Scientific coordination, quality assurance & risk management

Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux energies alternatives

CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) is a public body established in 1945. CEA is a leader in research, development, and innovation, and is active in four main areas: low-carbon energies, defense and security, information technologies and health technologies. In each of these fields, CEA maintains a cross-disciplinary culture of engineers and researchers, building on the synergies between fundamental and technological research. CEA will be involved in the project through its LITEN institute, which is devoted to the development of innovative technologies for the energy transition. CEA LITEN has 950 staff, an annual budget of 130 million euros, and puts in place every year more than 350 research contracts with industrial partners from a wide range of market segments: energy, transport, aerospace, construction, civil engineering, environmental and IT industries, among others. Intellectual Property forms a major part of CEA LITEN activities, with a portfolio of 1,500 international patents. More than 200 articles are published every year in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Role in the project

Our main tasks in the AENEAS project are leading the development of a measurement and assessment framework to objectively evaluate the performance of the on-board storage solutions during the tests in WP5, solving the optimization problems using branch&bound methods developed for hybrid electrical systems, leading the selection and characterization of the supercapacitors and solid state battery samples, defining a test plan for the characterization of the supercapacitor and solid state battery cells, and executing characterization tests on a test platform.


Avesta battery & energy engineering

ABEE is a leading company in the field of battery technology and solutions. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, ABEE specializes in developing and optimizing battery pack systems for various applications, including automotive, infrastructure, modeling, design, and offline parameterization of battery cells. Their expertise lies in material optimization, infrastructure and facilities solutions, modeling, and design services. ABEE is committed to advancing the battery industry by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, such as solid-state batteries, to deliver high-performance, safe, and long-lasting energy storage solutions. With a multidisciplinary team and a collaborative approach, ABEE is dedicated to driving the development of efficient, lightweight, and eco-designed battery systems that meet the evolving needs of the market.

Role in the project

  • Producing 150 SBB samples on their SBB cell production pilot line, with a high energy density between 400 and 450 Wh/kg, and producing 30 Ah pouch cells with 500 cycles.

  • Developing the ESS module design for each ESS with an optimized Balance of Plant (BoP) for safe and efficient operation at module level during HIL testing.

  • Leading the design of the SBB module from a mechanical, thermal, and safety point of view, supported by electromechanical modeling.

Siemens industry software SAS


Siemens Industry Software: As a world leading provider of multi-domain simulation and design software, Siemens support engineers developing the best possible products using the powerful predictive simulation and test applications of Simcenter. By combining advanced engineering tools with industry expertise and dedicated support, we empower innovators.

With Simcenter Systems Simulation, we master complexity from the early design stages and evaluate and balance potentially conflicting performance attributes from the early development stages to final performance validation and controls calibration.

Role in the project

Within AENEAS project we serve as a simulation leader and integrator of the project’s simulation and virtual integration activities, assuming primarily responsibility for the development of vessel level system simulation models suitable for the analysis of energy flow and environmental impact assessment.

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Vaasan Yliopisto

University of Vaasa is a multidisciplinary University with approximately 5000 students. The teaching and research activities of the University focus on accounting and finance, management, technology and innovation, as well as marketing and communication. The organisational structure consists of four schools and three open and multi-disciplinary research platforms. AENEAS project is managed by Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre (VEBIC) research platform, while the researchers come from the Electrical Engineering teams at the School of Technology and Innovations. In Electrical Engineering the research activities have been focused on smart grids and flexible energy resources, including energy storages and microgrids. Our researchers are specialised on the protection and control of modern grids and the power electronic based interfaces utilized by various distributed energy resources (DER). The research facilities are gathered under a laboratory called FREESI. Its core facilities consist of OPAL-RT real time simulators and a new microgrid PHIL setup consisting of converters and emulators for energy sources and loads.

Role in the project

  • Supporting the conceptual model development

  • Defining the electro-thermal and safety models at cell level

  • Development of real-time simulation models of the ship power system components along with their controllers

  • Validation of the entire ship power system with a downscaled HIL platform


i2m Unternehmensentwicklung


i2m is a technology development and management consultancy focusing on technology development for automotive, industry/machinery as well as the pharma and energy sectors. Bringing results of basic research as well as concept development with national and international partners from industry and research, with a cooperative approach, to market maturity is one of the strengths of i2m. The resulting products and services have strong competitive advantages and are characterized by reduced development costs and short development times.

Role in the project

  • Concept development

  • System simulation driven concept optimization

  • Presizing of powertrain components

  • Dissemination management and project management support


Grimaldi Euromed SPA

The Grimaldi Group is now Italy's biggest shipowning Group and the world's leading operator in the maritime transport of rolling freight, as well as the European leader on the Motorways of the Sea. Wholly owned by the Grimaldi's family, the Neapolitan Group is led by Gianluca Grimaldi, Emanuele Grimaldi and Diego Pacella. The Group also operates a network of port terminals and logistics companies, forming an integrated logistics chain, and is also active in the passenger and container transport sector. Since the mid-1990s, Grimaldi Euromed SpA, as one of the Group's most important companies, has played a crucial role in the development of maritime vehicle transport and integrated logistics across Europe. Grimaldi Euromed specialises in the transport of rolling freight between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean basin (Euromed lines), on the Motorways of the Sea in the Mediterranean (Short Sea lines), brand new vehicles between the Mediterranean and North America (car carriers/ MED-AME) while also operating passenger transport routes in the Western Mediterranean. Grimaldi Euromed's fleet consists of ultra-modern ro-ro vessels for the transport of rolling cargo; ro-pax ships for the freight and passenger transport; PCTC (Pure Car & Truck Carriers) to carry vehicles and ro-ro multipurpose vessels to transport various types of freight (rolling stock, containers and special cargo). The company's headquarters are in Naples, Italy.

Role in the project

  • Determine operational profiles, safety and integration requirements of SSB, SC and hybrid SSB/SC for short sea, inland water transport, and seagoing vessels

  • Define 3 use-cases to demonstrate the 3 ESS at TRL 5, based on the requirements and operational profiles

  • Develop a monitoring and evaluation framework, including different key criteria, for the different ESS to assess their performance during the demonstrations

Inland Shipping SRL


Trading LINE group is an inland waterways transport solutions provider, featuring a high capability and efficiency fleet for both dry and liquid cargo. Using an unique, in house developed IT infrastructure, we provide our partners with top end, cost effective services unmatched by other players in the market. Trading LINE operates a vessels fleet of 50 million euro market value, focuses on Danube Transport Logistics activities. Established in 2012, with romanian-dutch joint venture private capital, Trading Line focuses its river transport activities mainly on the stretch between Regensbrug and Constantza. The youngest fleet on Danube - built in 2008 - with modern transport units in top fit condition, the company offers up to 128.000 tones of total loading capacity of dry cargo and 20000 tone liquid, a pushing power of 55.000 BHP and a 24/7 sailing mode. INLS has over 10 years of logistics experience (river transport), with a total of 2 million of goods transported.

Young and enthusiast staff offers professional and prompt services integrating state of the art technology into one of the most traditional mean of transportation.

Role in the project

  • Defining requirements and determine operational profiles for inland water transport

  • Define inline waterways uses case to demonstrate project solutions

  • Support assessment of different ESS performance during the demonstrations


Fundacion de la Comunidad Valenciana para la investigacion, promocion y estudios comerciales de valenciaport

Fundación Valenciaport is an Applied Research, Innovation & Training centre providing services to the port and logistics cluster (security, defence, IT, digital transformation, sustainability). This initiative of the Port Authority of Valencia has enjoyed the collaboration of notable businesses, universities, and institutions from the port community. Since its establishment, it has developed projects in more than 60 countries, primarily Mediterranean nations, as well as from the rest of Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Role in the project

Fundación Valenciaport is the leader of Work Package 6 Impact analysis, business models and exploitation. In WP6 FV will be coordinating the feasibility and adequacy of the batteries for a broad range of waterborne operations.

Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis


LAT/AUTH carries a 40+ year long tradition in educational and research activities on characterization and control of automotive emissions. Valuable experience has been gained through close collaborations with the automotive and fuel industry and suppliers of exhaust aftertreatment systems. Today, LAT carries out high-level applied and basic research, facilitated by both experimental (e.g., vehicle, engine and component testing, Synthetic Gas Benches, battery electro-thermal testing) and modelling techniques. LAT provides also technical consulting services supporting the European Commission.

Role in the project

  • Digital Twin models to ensure the viability of the optimal design of control and operational strategies

  • 3D electrothermal modelling of the ESS modules

  • Life cycle, cost, environmental and safety impact analysis

  • Dissemination of innovations and results of AENEAS project


Fundacion centro tecnologico Soermar

Fundación Centro Tecnológico Soermar was established in 2002. The foundation goal is to find new joint action lines in technical and technological activities in order to improve small and medium sized Spanish private shipyards in competitiveness. SOERMAR is a non-profit entity.
The foundational purposes are based on 3 core activities:

  • Carrying out Research, technological development and innovation projects based on innovative power generation systems.

  • Supporting the shipyards in various working areas: quality, organization, training, design, environmental issues, regulations and all the other actions in which Soermar has the capacity to collaborate.

  • Enhancing all the actions that help to improve the shipyards competitiveness through an increase of the efficiency of the industrial activities based on new advanced technologies.

Role in the project

  • Lead WP7, Dissemination and Communication, and preparative exploitation activities.

  • Participate in WP1, Define operational profiles and requirements for a broad set of vessels and Definition of the 3 AENEAS use-cases. 

  • Have an active participation in WP6, Feasibility and adequacy for a broad range of waterborne operations, Exploitation and protection of intellectual property and Future deployment of technologies.

  • Participate in WP8, Scientific coordination, quality assurance and risk management, data management plan and legal contractual setting.

Formare -
Polo Natzionale per lo Shipping SRL

ForMare – National Shipping Hub is the service company of Confitarma and a leading professional and technical centre for Blue Economy. ForMare can boast many years of experience in the reference sector. ForMare promotes networks among key stakeholders of the shipping industry, Maritime Clusters and Public Authorities at national and EU level; facilitates the meeting between demand and supply through the matching of skills and needs; supports technologies and innovation in the maritime field; promotes business acceleration models and R&D activities for operating in the shipping industry.

Role in the project

  • ForMare will support the dissemination activities. Thanks to its strong network, ForMare will ensure a broader dissemination of AENEAS project among key stakeholders of the shipping sector at national and EU level.

  • ForMare will be in charge of the communication and dissemination strategy, including contribution for dissemination from all partners. The communication strategy defines the channels of communication, supporting material, activities, responsibilities, timing in detail.

  • ForMare will support SOER in the organization of three stakeholder workshops aimed at facilitating the interaction and networking among the identified stakeholder groups.

  • ForMare with the supports FV and other Partners will promote the development of a technical and financial roadmap to obtain maximum impact through both market segment and geographical expansion of AENEAS solutions to diverse waterborne applications.


Institute for sustainable societa and innovation

ISSNOVA is the Institute for Sustainable Society and Innovation, an Italian independent research foundation based in Naples (Italy) focusing on the design of safe and sustainable processes. ISSNOVA challenge is spreading innovative strategies, practices and scientific data to support a community improvement fair for people and respectful of the environment. ISSNOVA core expertise is the resilience and performances analysis of safety critical systems and services, user research and need analysis for innovation. The AENEAS project is important for ISSNOVA for reinforcing its cross-cutting research expertise in performances assessment in the maritime domain and to enlarge its inter disciplinary research network.

Role in the project

ISSNOVA with his know-how will help the AENEAS project in the:

  • Definition of the safety risk assessment and safety requirements for the integration of innovative ESS on board

  • Definition of the 3 AENEAS use cases

  • Definition of the safety checklist for the safe integration of the ESS on board

  • Academic exploitation of the produced results


Construcciones Navales P.Freire, SA


Freire Shipyard was founded in Vigo, Spain, in 1895 by Mr. Paulino Freire, and four generations later the Freire family is still the only shareholder of the company. The construction of steel hull vessels begins in the early 60s, and since then the shipyard has built over 250 vessels in steel for more than 20 countries. Freire Shipyard has adapted over time to the demands and has specialized in designing, new building and repairing steel and steel-aluminum vessels of high technological value, measuring up to 155 meters of length. Freire Shipyard has an extensive knowledge developing projects according to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Role in the project

Pprovide technical assistance from a shipbuilding perspective

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