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To achieve climate neutrality, the European Green Deal sets an ambitious strategy for a 90 % reduction in transport emissions by 2050. This includes waterborne transport systems.

In this context, the EU-funded AENEAS project will focus on increased and early deployment of climate-neutral energy storage solutions and significant electrification of shipping.

AENEAS will provide solutions to improve overall energy efficiency….


….and drastically lower emissions of waterborne transport vessels

To achieve this mission, AENEAS will develop three innovative electric Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) for waterborne transport, which are advanced beyond the traditional battery systems:



O1: Finetuning of requirements to bring SSB, SC and hybrid SSB/SC based ESSs in different                         waterborne transport applications to TRL 5, and definition of the use cases.

O2: Employ simulation and modelling platforms to develop innovative ESS concepts for marine                     applications with optimal control and energy management strategies and bringing them to TRL 5.

O3: Developing modules/packages of solid-state battery and supercapacitor with multiple cells and               optimized balance of plant.

O4: Develop innovative SSB, SC and SSB/SC hybrid ESS downscaled testing, validation and                         upscaling with flexible HIL test bench.

O5: Assess environmental benefits, costs and safety issues of the ESS, and compare them with                     traditional battery systems.

O6: Define decarbonization strategies for future maritime applications based on EU/international CO2           legislations.


Expected outcomes

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